Creating a discussion forum

In order to create a discussion forum along with a first note, proceed as follows.

      Select  File    New    Discussion Forum  in the top menu to bring up the ‘Add Discussion Fo­rum’ form.

      Enter the name of the new discussion forum; if no name is given the text in the ‘Subject’ field will be used instead.

      Choose the type most appropriate for the contents of the note you are about to create (for the diverse types see above).

      Enter the gist of your note in the ‘Subject’ field.

      Enter optional tags for your discussion forum.

      Enter the text of your note into the window of the HTML editor below ‘Message’. If you click on [Cancel and edit source], you lose all your input so far and can enter the message as text message instead of in HTML.

A discussion forum is always generated along with a first note, but may well exist without notes: you may remove all notes from a discussion forum using  Cut  or  Delete  and add new notes later. This could make sense when you install a workspace for a group and want to fix a place and name for a discussion forum beforehand.

You may change name, tags and description of the discussion forum using  File    Change    Properties  in the top menu of the discussion forum.