Closing a BSCW session

In order to close a BSCW session,

      select  File    Logout  in the top menu, which will present you with the publicly ac­cess­ible welcome page of your BSCW server. Alternatively, press log-out at the upper right-hand corner of the BSCW interface.

      With some browsers, you are first asked to authenticate again. In this case, you must authenticate with an empty password to actually close the BSCW session. Cancelling the authentication at this point does not close your session with BSCW.

For some Web browsers the explicit logout cannot be provided. In this case, you have to close a BSCW session by terminating the Web browser program on your local computer. Until log­out or termination of the browser the access rights remain in effect that were granted to you under your user name.

Note: If you share your computer with other people (e.g., in a public Internet cafe), do not for­get to close your BSCW session after you have finished working with BSCW.