Choosing the user interface language

The BSCW user interface language is a personal, user-defined option. It only affects your view of the information presented. As a default, BSCW automatically takes your preferred Web browser language as user interface language. You may select a different user interface language in two different ways:

      Adjust your preferred language in your browser. E.g., in Microsoft Internet Explorer select “Tools > Internet Options > General > [Languages]” and then choose your preferred language. Should the selection of lan­guages shown does not contain your pre­ferred language, use the [Add] button to add another language. Move it to the top of the list by using [Move Up] or [Move Down].

      Specify the user interface language directly via  Options    Preferences , where you can also specify whether or not you want automatic language detection via the preferred browser language.

You should adapt your user interface language when you start working with BSCW. If you change the preferred language of your browser in the middle of a BSCW session, it may happen that BSCW does not show the new language at the user interface. In this case, close all browser windows, start your browser again and log in to BSCW. The new BSCW session will use your new preferred language.

When you choose English as your user interface language, the online help will also be in English; the same goes for French and German. All other user interface languages, however, do not have their own online help and use the English version instead.