Changing website folders

All properties of a website folder may be changed using action  Change    Properties . Apart from choosing a new home page, layout page or style definition, described in the section above, you can enter or change name, tags, description, automatic versioning options and own attributes in the respective sections of the action form as described for the creation of website folders.

The  Change  menu of a website folder offers an additional action:

      Choose action  Change    Links Between Documents  to transfer links to other BSCW docu­ments in the pages of your website folder from normal HTML notation to BSCW no­ta­tion.

In contrast to ordinary HTML links, BSCW links are independent of the place where the do­cu­ment is stored. So, if you create an ordinary link to a BSCW document in a page of the web­site folder, and you move the BSCW document to another folder, the ordinary link will not work any longer. If you have transferred your links to BSCW notation, however, the links will stay working even if the BSCW documents linked to are moved around.

Note: If you use the editor menu “Insert BSCW Link” to insert links to BSCW documents, the links will be in BSCW notation. The action  Links Between Documents  is mainly meant for trans­ferring links in website folders created using former BSCW versions.