Changing the personal portal

You can change your personal portal by

rearranging the positions of the widgets,

adding new widgets, deleting existing widgets and

changing the specifications of individual widgets.

The position of a widget is changed via drag and drop.

      Click on the title bar of the widget and move the widget to a new position with the mouse key pressed. This way you can arrange the widgets of your personal portal ac­cord­ing to your preferences.

You can delete widgets of your personal portal by

      clicking on delete in the title bar of the widget.

You may change a widget as follows.

      Click on change in the title bar of the widget.

      In the section ‘General’ of the action form ‘Change Widget’ you may change name tags and description of the widget. The title of a BSCW widget as shown in the title bar of the widget consists of the name followed by the context in parentheses; the title of other widgets consists of the name. An optional description of a widget is only shown in the contents view of the personal portal.

      Most widgets have a section ‘Preferences’ where you can change the default speci­fi­ca­tions made when the widget was created.

With BSCW widgets you may determine the context of the widget under Data. The context of a BSCW widget is the object on which the widget is focused, e.g. the folder whose content is shown in a folder widget. Use the browse button to select the context object. Under View you can change widget display parameters which depend on the wid­get type: enter the number of entries shown or select a filter or sorting criterion.

The Data section of other widgets allows you to change, e.g., the URL of the feed of an RSS news widget or the address looked for in a Google map widget.