Changing the event options on the object level

You may also set individual event options for a particular object. This way, you determine on what types of events you want to be notified, that concern this very object and objects possibly contained therein. To do so, invoke action  Information    Event Options  in the object’s ac­tion menu. This pre­sents the ‘Change Event Options’ form with sections for every event ser­vice that you have activated in your default event options.

For every service activated, you may select the event types that you want to be notified about by the respective service. You have the choice of using the options inherited from the parent folder or to define special options for the current object and its eventual contents via the check boxes provided for the different event types. If no event options have been changed in parent folders, the options inherited are the default event options. This is indicated by the label ‘Use default options’ which replaces the label ‘Use inherited options’ in this case.

If the event options for the current object have been changed (at least for one event service, the radio button ‘Define special options’ has been selected), you can remove these changes by clicking on [Reset]. This leads to using the event options of the parent folder – which may be the default event options if no specific event options have been set in any superior folder.

Event services may only be activated or deactivated on a whole in the default event options. When you want to use an event service for the current object that has not been activated in the default event options, click on [Change default options] to do this. After having changed the default event options, e.g. by activating an additional event service, you return to the ‘Change Event Options’ form to proceed setting the individual event options for the current object.

Warning: All changes made in the ‘Change Event Options’ form will be lost when clicking [Change default options].

A setting of the event options which deviates from the event options inherited is indicated by an event filter changed icon in the entry of the object concerned. Click this icon to view or change the event options.