Changing tasks

Before the task has been started you may change all task specifications by

      selecting action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the task. The action form contains all sections that we have described above where you may correct your speci­fications. If you want to delete the deadline of a task you have to enter an empty date.

Once a task has been started, the task specifications that may be changed depend on the state of the task (an overview of the states of a task is given in 12.1.8 Handling exceptional task situations). In states where the task may be started again, all specifications may be changed. In other states, some specifications may still be changed, e.g. in state requested you as requestor may request additional results by entering further output data, but you may not change the input data or the contractors. The action form ‘Change task’ offers all changes that are possible in the current state of the task.