Changing polls and votings

After you have created a poll or voting, you may change all your specifications – with two exceptions:

Questions may only be changed as long as there are no responses yet.

The start time of a voting may not be changed after invitation emails have been sent.

In order to change a poll or voting

      select action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the poll or voting. The action forms ‘Change Poll’ or ‘Change Voting’ let you change the poll or voting. The action forms are structured exactly like the corresponding forms for creating polls or votings.

      If there are already responses to a poll or voting, you cannot change the questions any more and the section ‘Questions’ misses from the action form. With an ongoing voting, changes of the start date are ignored. All other specifications, however, may be changed freely, also with ongoing polls or votings. This way you have, e.g., the possibility to end a poll that has been specified to run ‘forever’.

      If you remove participants from an ongoing voting, you may add a personal comment to the otherwise automated email message to removed participants.

In case you want to change the questions of an ongoing poll or voting that has already drawn responses, you only have the possibility to reset the poll or voting and change the questions afterwards. You lose, however, the responses already received. If you know beforehand that you cannot finish the definition of all the questions of your poll or voting in one go during creation, you should make sure that the poll or voting does not start until you are done with your questions.

Polls and votings cannot be viewed before the poll or voting has started. If you want to have a pre­view of your questionnaire before the poll or voting actually starts, create the poll or vot­ing in one of your private folders, enter ‘from now’ or the corresponding date as the start and view the questionnaire by opening the poll or voting object.

      Select action  Open  in the action menu of the poll or voting or click on the poll or voting entry in the folder listing. This will show the questionnaire. Hit [Go back] when you have finished viewing. You shouldn’t submit a response now.

When you are satisfied, you can enter the intended start time and transfer the poll via cut and paste to the workspace where you want the poll to take place. Note that such a transfer of a voting will not automatically enter the members of the destination workspace as participants, you have to do that yourself.

Note: While by default every member of a workspace may create new polls, only the creator of a poll and the manager of the workspace containing the poll may edit the poll.