Changing contacts

All contact details may be changed

      using action  Change    Pro­per­ties  in the action menu of a contact.

Changing a user contact, i.e. a contact that is associated to a user, differs in some respects from changing a normal contact:

      Below the fields of the action form ‘Change Contact’ you see the entries appearing in green which were made by the user himself in his personal profile, if the entries differ from the entries of the contact. The user name is added in parentheses.

      Click [Merge with original] to take over the user values for one or more fields.

      Click [Replace by original] to take over all values from the associated user. The user contact is changed to an original user contact and all contact details are automatically updated whenever the user concerned changes his or her personal profile.

      Click [Edit] in order to continue with the usual editing of the contact.

      End the editing by clicking [OK]

Note: Even if user data are taken over into a contact using [Merge with original], as described above, these fields will not automatically updated when this user changes the personal profile.

When you change an original user contact, the contact is converted to a normal contact and contact details will no longer be automatically kept in accordance with the personal profile of the user. You are warned about this fact by a message in the action form ‘Change Contact (copy)’.