Changing an appointment

You may change all properties of an appointment if you are the creator or manager of the ap­pointment:

      Select action  Change    Properties  to change the appointment. The action form has the same sections as the action form for creating an appointment.

      In the section ‘Participants’, BSCW will help you to inform the par­ticipants about the change by email. Further, you may let them again confirm or decline their participa­tion.

When you change date and/or time of an appointment with participants, you should set the status to ‘tentative’ since it has to be decided again who will attend and who will not.

When you change properties of an appointment that belongs to a series of recurrent appoint­ments, the changes only concern the individual appointment, the other appointments of the series remain as they are.

If you want to change the attributes of a whole series of appointments (including the recur­rence rules), you proceed as follows:

      Select action  Change    Properties Series  in the action menu of an arbitrary appointment of the series.

      Change any properties and confirm with [OK]. Note that your changes concern all appointments of the series unless a property has been changed individually for a cer­tain appointment. Further, changes of date only concern the first appointment of the series, changes of time concern all appointments of the se­ries with the exception of appointments that were generated by recurrence rules of the type ‘On a Single Date’.