Changing address book entries

With the exception of original contacts (icon user) you may change the contacts of your ad­dress book anytime

      by selecting action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of a contact.

When editing a user contact, i.e. a contact associated to a user, you are able to compare your contact data with the data of the user’s personal profile:

      Below the fields of the action form ‘Change Contact’, the original entries of the user’s personal profile are indicated in green, if deviating from your contact data. The user name is added in parentheses.

      Click [Merge with original] to take over one or more fields from the associated user’s personal profile.

      Click [Edit] to continue with the usual editing of the contact.

      If you would like to convert the user contact into an original contact in order to have the current user data available in this contact at any time, click [Replace by original].

Note: Even if you have taken over user data into one of your contacts with [Merge with ori­gi­nal] as described above, these data are not updated automatically as is the case with original con­tacts.

You cannot really change an original contact because you would thereby change the personal profile of this user. You may, however, copy an original contact into an ordinary user contact and edit it afterwards.

      Select Aktion  Change    Properties  in the action menu of an original contact.

      The action form ‘Change Contact (copy)’ warns you that you are going to create a copy of the original contact and thereby will lose the automatic update of the user data.

      Select [Cancel] to keep the original contact or edit the copy and replace the original con­tact with your copy by clicking [OK].

You may change your own original contact, which you possibly have created using [Choose users] in your address book, without any restrictions. This has the same effect as if you would change the ‘Personal Data’ section of your personal profile using  Options   Profile    Change .

Entries in your address book can only be deleted manually; BSCW will not automatically re­move an entry that it has added automatically.

      Select the entries to be removed in your address book page and choose delete from the multi-selection toolbar. Single entries may be removed via action  Access    Remove  in the action menu.

If you destroy your own original contact in the trash, you will remove it also from all other address books and contact lists. You receive a warning before you confirm the destruction. Apart from that removing or destroying a contact does not affect any other address book or the member status of users referred to by the entries removed. It only concerns your personal address book.