Catching up on recent events

Event icons indicate recent events. Recent are those events related to an object that occurred after the last catch up action which affected this object.

      Invoke action  Information    Catch up  to indicate that you have taken note of the recent events of the ob­ject.

This means that these events are no longer recent for you. Therefore BSCW will no longer present the respective event icons to you, though they are still presented to other members who have not yet caught up with these events.

You may selectively catch up on events of a particular type:

      Click an object’s event icon to display a list of recent events of this type.

      In this page, click [Catch up].

All events actually shown in that list are no longer recent for you. An event, that happened while your Web browser displayed the event list, has status ‘recent’, of course, and will be indicated again by an event icon.

Note: When you have taken note of the different types of events for those objects in a fol­der that interest you most, don’t forget to perform a  File    Catch up  action for the rest of the events. Otherwise, there will be an increasing number of event icons in your fol­der pages, and you will quickly lose overview of what happened in your work­spaces.