Your personal BSCW calendar is a personal object like your clipboard, your trash or your address book.

      Click calendar in the instant access bar or

      select  GoTo    Calendar  in the top menu to access your personal calendar.

Figure 26: Month view in a group calendar

In addition to your personal calendar, that is meant for the management of your personal ap­pointments, there are also group calendars meant for the coordination of work in a specific workspace by the members of a that workspace.

      Select  File    New    Group Calendar  in the top menu of a workspace to create a group cal­endar for that workspace. Enter name and optional tags and description of the new group calendar. Hit [OK] to create the new group calendar.

      For obvious reasons, you may create only one group cal­endar per workspace.

      Name, tags and description of the group calendar may be changed using action  Change    Properties  in the action menu of the group calendar.

What is said about the handling of calendars in the following sections works for personal cal­endars as well as for group calendars.


Creating an appointment

Changing an appointment

Deleting an appointment

Using different views

Calendar actions

Calendar options