Calendar actions

The  GoTo  top menu of a calendar offers two additional actions  Today  and  Date  that move the calendar view to the current date or to a date that you specify. Note that date specification depends on the current calendar viewing options: when in month view, you may only select a specific month.

The action menu of an appointment contains the actions you may use to handle your appoint­ments. The following actions are specific actions for appointments.

      action  Send to    iCal  exports the appointment data in a format understood by other calen­dar tools, e.g., Outlook and StarOffice. An according file is sent to your Web browser for import of the appointment by such calendar tools. You may also export all ap­point­ments of a calendar using  File    Send to    iCal  in the top menu.

      Appointment data in the ‘iCalendar’ format (MIME type text/calendar, Windows file extension *.ics) can also be imported to a BSCW calendar using  File    Import (iCal­en­dar)  in the top menu. Alternatively, you can upload one or several .ics files via drag & drop using the drag & drop uploader.

      If you are working on a Windows platform locally, you can synchronize all ap­point­ments of a BSCW calendar with the appointments in an Outlook calendar using  File    Synchronize  in the top menu (see 13.8 Outlook synchronization for de­tails).

      action  Confirm  confirms your participation in the appointment (action available when you are invited as participant and have not yet confirmed).

      action  Decline  declines your participation in the appointment (action available when you are in­vited as participant and have not yet declined).

      action  Change    Properties  lets you edit the diverse properties of an appointment.

      action  Attach  lets you attach a document, URL or note to an appointment. Attachments are in­di­cated in the day and month view by an attachment icon if the according option has been ac­ti­vated via  View    Entries    Attachments . Click on this icon to access the attachments fol­der. Do­cu­ment and URL at­tach­ments to appointments are handled like attachments to notes. Note attachments are added to the attachments folder as stand-alone notes.

      action  Link    to Calendar  adds a link to an appointment of a group calendar to your per­son­al cal­en­dar.

The rest of the actions in the appointment action menu consists of generic actions showing the same behaviour for appointments as they do for other objects.