BSCW upload helpers

The drag & drop uploader and the BSCW Desktop client need prior activation via your user preferences.

As an alternative to the file upload function of your Web browser, there are three BSCW up­load helpers that you may use to upload documents to your workspaces: the drag & drop uploader, the document uploader and the BSCW Desktop client. The use of these uploaders is especially useful for the upload of large documents or a great number of documents. All up­load helpers offer the following functionality:

upload of several files in one operation,

drag & drop of files into the upload window,

upload of folders as a compressed archive or as single files,

The document uploader allows for the specification of document type and description before up­load, the BSCW Desktop client furthermore supports encryption and digital signing of do­cu­ments. Drag & drop uploader and BSCW Desktop require prior activation in your user pref­er­ences.


Drag & drop uploader

Document uploader

BSCW Desktop client