BSCW RSS event feeds

BSCW implements RSS feeds which modern browsers or other RSS feed readers may poll for RSS formatted event items. BSCW’s RSS event feeds provide all recent BSCW events which have happened in a certain folder (and its subfolders).

BSCW will not display documents or other data via RSS. A BSCW RSS event feed is merely meant to provide online information on what is going on in one of your workspaces. It is a supplement to the daily workspace activity report or the event monitor’s online event tracker.

BSCW does not send the entire history of events via RSS event feeds. The event history is re­stricted to a limited time span, e.g. six hours from the moment you are calling. The exact du­ration of this period is part of the BSCW server configuration. Your browser or RSS feed reader keeps track of what BSCW events you have already read or deleted and knows how to prop­erly display BSCW events.