BSCW Desktop client

For users who wish to upload large numbers of documents at a time, BSCW Desktop is a very effective tool. Also, BSCW Desktop provides data protection and digital signatures for docu­ments in shared workspaces using the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption method. The public key for this method is specified in your personal profile. Consult the online help of BSCW Desktop for further questions concerning encryption.

Note that BSCW server support for storage and exchange of encryption keys has to be activated for this pur­pose. If in doubt, contact your BSCW administrator about the activation of this feature.

BSCW Desktop is a local application that must first be installed on your computer.

Attention: There is quite a number of BSCW helper applications for file upload around that were used with former BSCW versions. With the current BSCW version, only the BSCW Desk­top client is supported. The use of older helper programs is discouraged.


Installation of BSCW Desktop

Starting BSCW Desktop

Uninstallation of BSCW Desktop