The briefcase is a personal object (like the trash or clipboard) which allows synchronization of BSCW documents with their counterparts on your local computer. During synchronization, the documents in your briefcase are compared with the documents on the local computer: more recent documents on BSCW are transferred to the local computer and vice versa. To access your briefcase,

      click briefcase in the instant access bar or

      select  GoTo    Case  in the top menu.

The briefcase feature is particularly useful for synchronizing documents on your local com­puter with the corresponding documents on your BSCW server after having worked offline. You may copy whole BSCW workspaces to your computer and edit the documents contained in those workspaces on your local computer, e.g., while travelling. Back home again, you may use the synchronization feature to update the documents changed locally with the BSCW server (and vice versa when other members have replaced documents in a workspace with updated versions).

Document synchronization using the briefcase is only available with a professional BSCW license. OrbiTeam offers an upgrade from the royalty free educational license to the fully featured professional license. For details, please contact Also, the brief­case functionality has to be activated by your BSCW administrator.


Briefcase requirements

Working with the briefcase