Branching versions

If a document is edited simultaneously by several authors, or if different variants are to be managed in parallel, you may create two or more parallel version branches of the original document, each having its own ‘current version’. A new version branch is again a document under version control that starts out from an arbitrary version of the original document. You may also create branches of branches.

      Select action  Change    Branch  from the action menu of a document under version control.

      In the version history of the ‘Branch’ form, select the version from which the new branch is to originate by clicking its radio button in the ‘Id’ column. Enter a name for the new version branch.

The first version of the new branch document is a copy of the root version of the original document in the same folder. The state is also copied. The version number is formed by ap­pending next-branch-number.1. The latter may be changed using action  Change    Version Info .

Note: Copying documents under version control means branching, i.e. a new version branch of the document is automatically generated in the clipboard.

BSCW does not provide any specific support to ‘re-unite’ several version branches that have been modified in parallel. Therefore it is important to have telling change descriptions and to agree beforehand on a document editing and versioning strategy in order to facilitate the pro­cess of bringing the different branches together into a single consolidated document.

Note: When revising a branch version, you cannot store the new branch version as a main ver­sion, i.e. you cannot increase a branch version number to a main version number.   
An example: Let’s assume that you have generated a new branch starting from ver­sion 0.1. You edit the underlying file of the branch version and store it as new branch ve­rsions, in­creas­ing the branch version number to and When you now want to save a new branch version as a main version, you cannot simply in­crease to, say, 1.0 for reasons of version security. Instead, you have to enter as branch version number and revise the main version by uploading the file underlying the branch version as the new 1.0 main ver­sion.