Bookmarks in BSCW are links to Web pages or BSCW objects that are of personal interest to you. With your bookmark folder you have a personal object where you may collect book­marks similar to the bookmarking feature of Web browsers.

      Click bookmarks in the instant access bar or

      select  GoTo    Bookmarks  in the top menu to open your bookmark folder. You may now add new bookmarks using  File    New    URL .

In other folders, you may use action  Link   as Bookmark  to add links to BSCW objects to your book­mark folder.

Within the bookmark folder, you may create subfolders via  File    New    Folder  as you would create an ordinary folder. This way you can add structure to your bookmark collection. Note that bookmarks can only exist in your bookmark folder. Bookmarks and bookmark subfolders may be moved around in your bookmark folder but not to other folders.

BSCW bookmarks may be exported in Netscape bookmark format and then imported into browsers that support the Netscape format (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari).

      Select  Edit    Archive  in the top menu of your bookmark folder to archive all your book­marks in Netscape format. Download this archive to your local computer, unpack the HTML file with your bookmarks and import the bookmarks to your browser.

      You may carry out this operation also for a subset of your bookmarks (single book­marks, subfolders) by selecting the respective bookmarks and clicking archive in the multi-selection toolbar.

This export feature is helpful for users who have to use different computers frequently: when­ever they access a new computer, they may first download and install their BSCW bookmarks on this computer, thus always having access to their personal bookmarks.