Benefits of using BSCW

BSCW supports asynchronous and synchronous cooperation with your partners over the Inter­net, in your Intranet or in a network with your business partners (Extranet).

For asynchronous (non-simultaneous) cooperation, BSCW offers shared workspaces that groups of people can use to store, manage, jointly edit and share information (documents, notes, URLs, tasks etc.).

The essential advantages:

With a BSCW workspace, you may share information within a workgroup – indepen­dent of the specific computer systems that the members use.

You do not need to install any software before using BSCW. You only need a standard Web browser.

You access BSCW workspaces, browse folders and download documents to your local system just like ‘normal’ Web pages.

BSCW keeps you informed of all relevant events in a shared workspace.

You can upload documents to a shared workspace or create notes, URLs, tasks etc. using any standard Web browser.

For synchronous (simultaneous) cooperation, BSCW provides tools for

planning and organizing meetings,

ad-hoc communication with partners, who are currently logged into a shared work­space and therefore are likely to be working on a common task.