Becoming a member: Being invited to a workspace

You become a member of a workspace only by being invited by its manager or by another member who is entitled to invite new members.

If you, as a registered user of a BSCW server, are invited to a workspace you will realize this fact by the appearance of the new workspace in your home folder with the new icon attached.

Additionally, new members are informed by an invitational email message if the respective option has been activated in the ‘Invite member’ form.

Your daily workspace activity report will also notify you of any new workspaces that you have been invited to on the day before.

Your home folder is the default position that BSCW uses to place a new shared workspace. You may action  Cut  the workspace and action  Paste  it anywhere into your private folder hierarchy. This transfer of the workspace is not visible to the other members, while any transfer of ob­jects inside the workspace is, of course. If you move a new shared workspace into an existing shared workspace, it becomes part of this workspace and the members of the higher-level work­space (its member group) are automati­cally added to the members of the new work­space (also see Embedding a workspace into another workspace).

If you are invited to a workspace and are not yet a registered user, you will get an invitation message along with a request to register. After registration, the workspace to which you have been invited appears in your home folder.

BSCW does not provide a specific function to decline the invitation to a workspace. You can terminate your membership in two ways:

      You remove yourself from the member group of the workspace by

      clicking the group icon members adjacent to the name of the workspace in order to have its mem­bers’ page displayed, and

      choosing action  Access    Remove  in the action menu of your personal entry.

      You destroy the workspace, i.e. delete it from your home folder and destroy it in your trash. Only deleting the workspace is not sufficient: even if the workspace is in your trash, you will still be its member.

In order to gain access to the workspace again, you have to ask another member to re-invite you. It is not possible to invite oneself to other people’s workspaces.