Becoming a community member

To find out about the non-hidden communities on your BSCW server,

      select  GoTo    Other Communities  in the top menu, which presents a list of all those com­munities where you are not a member. You can tell by its icon whether a commu­nity is open (open community) or closed (closed community).

You may now become a member of such a community by

      selecting action  Join Community  in the action menu of an open community, which imme­diate­ly makes you a member, or by

      selecting action  Request Admission  in the action menu of a closed community to ask the com­munity manager(s) for admission to the community. This leads to an email form where you may apply for community membership.

With hidden communities, you may only become member through explicit invitation by the community manager(s).

After you have become a member, the community will disappear from the ‘Other Communi­ties’ folder. The associated workspace will instead appear in the folder ‘Communities of your-user-name’ which contains the community workspaces of all communities where you are a member. To access this folder

      select  GoTo    My Communities  in the top menu.

      Alternatively, you can click my communities in the instant access bar.

The folder ‘Communities of your-user-name’ also has the entry ‘public’, containing all fol­ders and discussion forums that have been made publicly available.

Leaving a community is only possible for community members in open communities: delete the respective community workspace in the folder ‘Communities of your-user-name’. With closed and hidden communities, you have to ask a community manager to remove you as a member from the community. You cannot delete community workspaces of closed and hid­den communities from your communities’ listing yourself.