Basic Concepts and Functions

This chapter describes the basic concepts and functions of BSCW, that will help you start cooperating with other users in shared workspaces.

Some details that we describe below may not be available to you in some of your workspaces or may work differently. This may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

      The role you are assigned to (possibly resulting in reduced access rights).

      The level of proficiency that you have chosen for yourself in BSCW. At the Beginner level – the default when you start using BSCW – you will see fewer objects and ac­tions than are shown here. You may change your level of pro­ficiency as described in 3.8.2 Levels of proficiency.

      The configuration of your BSCW server that may not allow certain functions.


The Web-based user interface

Shareable objects


Personal objects

Public space



Customizing the user interface

Metadata and info page