Every folder page has a header consisting of several lines. By default, the space be­low the navigation bar is empty, as shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10: Header section of a folder page without banner

You may insert a banner into this space. Set your proficiency level to ‘Expert’.

      Choose  File    Change    Banner .

      In the ‘Change Banner’ form, specify the banner as HTML text (with links to pictures etc.). With most current Web browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6.0 and up) you enter and edit the banner using an HTML editor that has been inte­grated into BSCW (also see 8.1.2 Creating and editing HTML documents).

With a banner, the header of a workspace and the folders contained might look like shown in the following figure.

Figure 11: Header section of a folder with banner

The banner is ‘inherited’ by subfolders unless you define a new banner there or

      choose action  Change    Banner , clear the banner and confirm with [OK]. Now the banner is empty again.