Annotating objects

Notes may be used to annotate BSCW objects. Notes complement description and rat­ing as additional information.

      Select action  Attach    Note  in the action menu of an entry to bring up the ‘Attach Note’ form.

      Continue as with adding notes described above.

An object can have only one note attached to it as annotation. Such an an­notation has the full functionality of a ‘stand-alone’ discussion forum, i.e. it may have more notes, replies and dis­cus­sion threads.

The presence of an annotation is indicated by the Notiz icon in the ‘Note’ column of a folder listing. Click this icon to display the contents of the annotation. If the icon is not displayed in your folder listing, the option  View    Columns    Attachments  is probably deactivated.

You remove the annotation of an object by completely deleting the contents of the respective discussion forum.

Annotations stay with their objects when you cut or delete the respective objects. Anno­tations are stripped, however, when you copy, archive or send annotated objects.