Allowing anonymous access

BSCW facilitates publishing objects in the World-Wide Web. Folders, website folders, dis­cussion forums, calendars, blogs, contact lists and other types of objects may be published by allowing anonymous access from the Web (by default only managers may allow anonymous access). Note that your BSCW administrator may have disabled this feature altogether for se­curity reasons.

      Select action  Access    Public Access  in the action menu of the object you want to publish (by default only possible for managers), check the ‘Public Access’ check box and hit [OK].

      With some object types (e.g. folders and discussion forums) you may select actions concerning the addition of new ob­jects to the folder, which are to be permitted for anonymous access. If you do not se­lect any of these actions only read access is al­low­ed for anonymous access.

      In this case, you may also specify that the anonymous access should be moderated. In the case of moderated access, an object created via anonymous access is not visible to anonymous users until the object has been explicitly published by a member of the folder via action  Access    Publish .

By allowing public access for an object, the fictitious user anonymous becomes a member of the object, indicated by the icon anonymous member adjacent to the object name in the navigation bar.

You may revoke public access either

      by selecting action  Access    Public Access  in the action menu of the published object, unchecking the ‘Public Access’ check box and hitting [OK], or

      by removing anonymous from the member list of the published object.