Address Book and Contacts

The personal address book supports you in managing the contact data of arbitrary persons that are of interest to you. This includes users of your BSCW server as well as persons who are not (yet) users of your BSCW server. The contact data of a person are stored in a contact object. For a better overview you may group the contacts of your address book in contact lists. The entries of your address book are available when inviting in­viting members to a work­space, participants to an appointment or an appointment scheduling.

Contact lists are special folders that contain only contacts. Contact lists may also be created in arbitrary workspaces, in order to have relevant contact data available in the context of a workspace. Before such contacts may be used, e.g. for inviting new members to a workspace, they have to be copied, however, into the personal address book.

Email addresses and mobile phone numbers stored in contacts may be used to send email mes­sages, SMS or BSCW objects to contact persons. This requires an according configuration of your BSCW server.


Contact lists

Address book

Sending messages and BSCW objects