Address book

Your address book is a personal object accessible only by yourself. It helps you to manage the contact data of arbitrary persons that are of interest to you. This includes users of your BSCW server as well as persons who are not (yet) users of your BSCW server. The contact data of a person are stored in a contact object. For a better overview you may group the contacts of your address book in contact lists. The entries of your address book, single contacts and whole contact lists, are available when inviting in­viting members to a workspace, participants to an appointment or an appointment scheduling.

The contents of your address book are displayed in a page that corresponds to the re­pres­enta­tion of a contact list. Most actions for contacts in contact lists are also possible for the con­tacts in your address book. Entries in the address book may be sorted by name and type. When sorted by type, the entries appear in the following order: communities, member groups, email addresses and finally user names.

      Open your address book by clicking on the address book icon in your instant access bar or select  GoTo    Address Book  in the top menu.


Creating entries in your address book

Changing address book entries

Structuring the address book

Using the address book