Adding attachments to a note

You may attach arbitrary documents and URLs to a note:

      Select action  Attach    Document  or action  Attach    URL  in the action menu of a note to attach a document or URL to a note.

      Proceed as if you were adding a document or URL to a folder.

      To attach a document or URL to a note in the single note view, i.e. the view that is pre­sented when you click on a note, use  File    New    Document  or  File    New    URL .

The presence of attachments is indicated by an attachment icon near the note – always in the single note view and, when the option  View    Columns    Attachments  is activated, also in the dis­cus­sion forum view. Click on this icon to access the attachments’ folder. There you may add more attachments using  File    New    Document  or  File    New    URL  and may also action  Delete , action  Cut  and action  Copy  attachments.

Exactly as with notes, attachments may also be added to appointments.