Adding a note

You may add a note to a discussion forum as a reply to an existing note – this is treated below – and as a note on its own, that is not referring to any other note.

      Select  File    New    Note  inside a discussion forum or

      select action  New    Note  in the action menu of a discussion forum to bring up the ‘Add Note’ form.

      Choose the type most appropriate for the contents of the note that you are about to cre­ate (for the diverse types see above).

      Enter the gist of your note in the ‘Subject’ field.

      Enter optional tags for your note.

      Enter the text of your note into the window of the HTML editor below ‘Message’. If you click on [Cancel and edit source], you lose all your input so far and can enter the message as text message instead of in HTML.

As its author, you may modify a note even after replies have been made:

      Select action  Change    Properties  to bring up the ‘Edit Note’ form that lets you change type, sub­ject, tags and message of the note.