Actions on the current folder or workspace

Objects are created by performing actions on the current folder. The pop-up menus, that trig­ger these actions, are located in the top section of the folder page. Below the pop-up menus you find the action shortcut bar for the most frequent of these actions.

Figure 3: Top menu bar and action shortcut bar

New objects are added by selecting one of the file menu entries from the top menu or by se­lecting the respective action shortcut:

      Select  File    New    Document  to upload a file from your local computer system to the cur­rent BSCW folder or workspace.

      Select  File    New  and an object type from the list offered (Workspace, Folder, URL, Discussion Forum, Poll, Task, Search Folder etc.) to create an object of the specified type directly on the BSCW server.

Figure 4: How to create a document

Most current Web browsers provide the functionality required for file upload. If you use a browser that doesn’t, you have to use one of BSCW’s upload helpers (see 13.5 BSCW up­load helpers).

Existing objects are moved around your workspaces using your clipboard:

      Select  Edit    Paste  to add objects to the current folder that were transferred to your clip­board by the most recent  Copy  or  Cut  action. The clipboard objects may also have been created via an archive, extract or convert action.