Actions on selected objects

Directly above the list of objects in a folder page you find the multi-selection toolbar. This toolbar lists icons of actions which can be applied to several selected objects. The names of the actions are shown as tooltips when you move the cursor over the action icons.

Figure 5: Multi-selection toolbar

Objects are selected by ticking their check boxes. select all and select none are shortcuts for selecting or de-selecting all objects within a folder. You may, e.g., transfer the selected objects

      to your clipboard via cut (or  Edit    Cut ), or

      to your trash via delete (or  Edit    Delete ).

Objects transferred from a workspace to your clipboard or trash are no longer visible to the other members of the workspace.

Some actions, e.g. rate Bewerten, may only be applied to objects of specific types. A detailed intro­duc­tion to BSCW actions is given in 3.3 Actions.