In BSCW, an action may be triggered by selecting a menu entry or clicking a button, link or icon, each representing the action. In the Web-based user interface these action triggers may take the following forms:


Top menu bar, e.g.  File    New    Document 

Context menu and action menus, e.g.  action  Change    Properties 


Action shortcut bar

action shortcuts  
gives access to frequently used actions.

Instant access bar

Example: clipboard opens your clipboard.

Navigation bar

Example: ‘:your-user-name’ opens your home folder.

Multi-selection toolbar, e.g. cut (cut) or delete (delete)

Links or icons in the entries of a folder listing

Example: members shows the member group of a workspace.

With the obvious exception of the action shortcut bar, the actions triggered by buttons are simple navigation actions: they open and display a new page showing another folder, a document, the members of a folder, a user info page, etc.

For the rest of this section, we focus on the actions triggered via menus, which need a bit more of an explanation.

Keep in mind that the actions made available to you in the diverse menus also depend on

the level of proficiency you have set in your preferences and

the role (i.e. access rights) you have with respect to a folder and to the objects it con­tains.


Creating objects

Uploading documents

Inviting members

Actions on objects in a folder